White refined sugar

The Products section is used for listing the products sold in your online store. You can edit or remove this example, and add any product you want. Y…

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Sucralose is a zero-calorie sweetner that that adds sweetness to food and beverages without contributing any carbohydrates. It is made from sucrose b…

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A calorie- free sugar substitute. It is a white crystalline powder and is represented by an additive code, E950. It has a good taste, making it suita…

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Xylitol picture

Xylitol is a natural sugar- free sweetner. It looks and tastes like sugar but has 40 percent fewer calories and doesn't spike blood sugar levels, mak…

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Sucralose table top sweetner picture

  • 1 sachet of Cup of Jewels sucralose table top sweetner is equivalent to 10g (2 teaspoons) of sugar in sweetness.
  • With just 1g carbohydrates content pe…

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Monk fruit sweetner picture

  • Cup of Jewels monk fruit sweetner is equivalent to sugar in sweetness intensity. 
  • It bakes just like sugar and has no aftertaste, making it a per…

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